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    Q: How Has the Pandemic Affected Our Market?

    Here’s what our market looks like this summer in the wake of COVID-19.

    Again and again, people ask me how the real estate market is being impacted by COVID-19, so in today’s summer market update, I’ll give you all the latest details. Our current recession has been subjected to comparisons with the recession back in 2008, but there are key differences. For one, our recession has been caused by a health crisis; the Great Recession was caused by a housing crisis. In the first part of March, home showings (the leading indicator for home sales) fell sharply for 3.5 weeks before skyrocketing in the second week of April. To find out more about what our market conditions mean for buyers and sellers, watch the short video above.

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    • Erick Nay

      Written on

      Marty, you’re the man!! Glad to see you’re doing well my friend. In the next year or two I’m hoping to start looking for a small house on a half acre or a little bigger to run my landscape business out of. Hopefully it will be an updated small house and as a bonus have a shop on the property. If you run across anything like this please send me info. If it’s something I can get into earlier than that I’d like to try. SoJo, West Jordan, Riverton area preferably but I’ll look at anything. Take care and hope we can work together soon.



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